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more than you know

LISTEN >> "On her debut recording, Kerri Lynn Jennings assembles an intriguing collection of songs and puts a new spin on many of them through her arrestingly conversational soprano voice and musical director Christopher Marlowe’s sensational arrangements. There is an immediacy to her vocals that gives unique color to the selections, most notably the wholly reinterpreted Time in a Bottle and inviting You’re My Home." Jeff Rosen, Tracks, Cabaret Scenes

Kerri Lynn's debut album, "More Than You Know" introduces us to a thrillingly expressive and unmistakable new voice. Expect to be more than a little surprised when you experience Kerri Lynn's arresting sound, sensual musicianship and marvelously true feeling for every moment in the lyrics she sings.

"More Than You Know" was conceived with music director Christopher Marlowe ( , whose long collaboration with the late Nancy Lamott produced some of the finest jazz/cabaret shows and recordings of our generation.

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Recorded at Bennett Studios Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Frank D. Fagnano

"Kerri Lynn Jennings brought the everyman sound of Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle, a soulfully straightforward 70’s pop hit into urbane late-night pensiveness, savoring the bittersweet lyrics with her own thoughtful phrasing. It was the highlight of her show." Elizabeth Ahlfors