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BACKSTAGE "She easily captivates the room… a laugh riot”
John Hoglund

NY TIMES "She sings lustily… giving the role of a little woman considerable stature."
Laurel Graeber

METROLAND YEAR IN REVIEW "Best Performance of the Year!"

THE ADVOCATE "Kerri Lynn combines the alluring physicality of Sophia Loren with the manic verbal gymnastics of Danny Kaye. It is worth the veritable price of admission to watch her run the gammet from hysteria to heartbreak."

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES "She will enchant and delight you..."
(about her starring role in "The Séance" at Caesar's Palace)

FORT SALEM THEATER "Laugh, cry, and marvel; Jennings’ artistry will astound you."
Jay Kerr, Artistic Director

CABARET SCENES "Jennings exhibits a natural sense of fun, which is her musical gold… belting as robustly as any Broadway diva, Kerri Lynn Jennings celebrates her debut CD, More Than You Know with intensity, creativity, and promise."
(about her appearance at Danny’s Skylight Room)

THE EAGLE NEWSPAPER "(Kerri Lynn’s) imposing voice and vibrant presence pull the viewer into her world of intrigue and gypsy magic while her stories of real love grip the heart. The humor of Broadway auditions, the pull of ambition, and the strength of a woman in transition made this a night to remember..."
Lawrence Hills

TRACKS, CABARET SCENES"On her debut recording, Kerri Lynn Jennings assembles an intriguing collection of songs and puts a new spin on many of them through her arrestingly conversational soprano voice and musical director Christopher Marlowe’s sensational arrangements. There is an immediacy to her vocals that gives unique color to the selections, most notably the wholly reinterpreted Time in a Bottle and inviting You’re My Home."
Jeff Rosen

BACKSTAGE "A showstopper with a bright future!"
John Hoglund